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Striving for Unity in Fragrance

At LVNG we strive for a sense of continuity and balance in the home. A base where peace and comfort are created. We do this by creating unity in design but also in scent. We call this odor unity.

The term odor unity stands for consistency in the scent that surrounds us. This means that all products in the LVNG collection are available in the same scent. This ensures cohesion and a unique scent experience in the home. In this blog you can read what the benefits of scent experience are for you:

The perfect combination
Making choices can be overwhelming. At LVNG we believe in the belief that good is good. Within our range you can choose and mix various scents. But also trusting the familiar. Scent has the power to influence emotions and moods. Look for the perfect combination that suits you.

A fragrance that connects
The LVNG collection consists of a wide range of Personal & Home Care products. From luxurious gift sets and cleaning products to hand soap, hand cream and fragrance sticks. Every product contributes to the fragrance unity that LVNG strives for.
Combining the products is effortless. As soon as every room has the same pleasant scent, a cohesive atmosphere is created. A sense of balance from room to room. Where all scent accents fit together seamlessly.

Endless details
Fragrance unity is more than just creating a pleasant scent in the home. For LVNG it is an essential part of the brand identity and an embodiment of its cherished values. Bringing simplicity and responsibility together.

In addition to the unique Casablanca and Stockholm scents, you will experience the quality and attention to detail that characterizes LVNG. Only the best ingredients are used. Consistency and a high-quality fragrance profile are strived for. For a long-lasting result.

Fragrance is an essential part of creating a comfortable living environment. LVNG strives to enrich your interior experience with a unique scent experience that you will not find anywhere else. Discover the scents Stockholm and Casablanca.


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