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Refill designed for Recycling

At LVNG we believe that sustainability and luxury can go hand in hand. With this in mind we developed our latest addition to our collection: the LVNG Refill Pouch. 100% recyclable. The sustainable choice for reusing your trusted LVNG hand soap. Discover the sustainable and distinctive qualities of our Refill Pouch:

The Green choice
Making responsible choices is central to LVNG. Also during product development. With attention to the ecological impact. The Refill Pouch is made from 100% recyclable materials. The perfect way to refill and reuse your empty LVNG hand soap bottle. This reduces both the amount of waste and the burden on the environment.

Sustainability in detail
The LVNG Refill Pouch is one of the very first fully recyclable Refill Pouches available on the market. Unlike many plastic packaging that often consists of multiple layers with different properties. LVNG opts for a simple, recyclable design. Made entirely of mono-material. This reduces our ecological footprint.

Recycling is essential for preserving the planet. That is why we carefully select packaging materials. The purity of the material directly affects its recyclability. Our choice of mono-material is a guarantee for a smoother recycling process.

In addition, the trusted LVNG Hand Soap formula is free of microplastics, parabens, paraffin, dyes and harsh chemicals. A conscious choice.

For a greener future
With the LVNG Refill Pouch we are taking a step in the right direction. But we're not there yet. Making conscious choices. Step-by-step. Building a sustainable world together.

Discover the LVNG Refill Pouch and let sustainability and luxury come together in your daily care routine.


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