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About LVNG

LVNG was created from the vision of combining Home Care with Personal Care Essentials, which complement your favorite scent all day long. Your favorite scent is incorporated into every care and cleaning product. LVNG aims to reduce overload by creating one scent for multiple purposes. A harmonious lifestyle in every home.

Unity in fragrances

Taking fragrance to new levels again and again. LVNG comes with solutions that go beyond cleaning and styling your home. The same scent that returns at different times during the day. Care and cleaning products that connect the elements of scent, hygiene, emotions, relaxation and experience. Unity in aroma structures the olfactory atmosphere in the home. The odors in the house reduced to a unity. Fragrance unit.

Realistically Responsible

A different view on the status quo and making responsible choices from the ground up. That's how LVNG determines direction. With time and attention to strengthen a positive impact in every product. LVNG products are produced in the Netherlands, CO2 neutral, free of microplastics, parabens and hard chemicals. A pure standard that should be the norm.

Timeless simplicity

Simplicity has a different meaning for each of us. For LVNG, simplicity means bringing out beauty in the everyday. It arouses emotions and stimulates our senses. Simplicity and perfection go hand in hand. We show the aesthetics of things, without getting lost in the details. Straightforward, leaving only the essentials and allowing us to fully focus on what really matters.


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