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A responsible Dutch Lifestyle Brand

LVNG believes in pure responsibility for the future. Timeless aesthetics & sustainability go hand in hand. Sustainability requires a holistic approach. Making responsible choices every step of the way. A vision that ensures that every LVNG Personal & Home Care product adds value to any interior and has a minimal impact on the environment.

Being a sustainable brand is a continuous process. The LVNG team continues to learn and evaluate. In this blog you can read the steps that LVNG is currently taking and promoting:

Produced in the Netherlands
The LVNG collection is produced in the Netherlands. This helps increase the sustainability of production processes. Consumers - quite rightly - place high demands on delivery, quality and reliability.

Local production in the Netherlands makes it easier to control those processes. Savings on logistics and therefore fuel consumption contribute to sustainability.

Natural and biological Personal & Home Care
LVNG works with pure products, free of microplastics and synthetic materials such as paraffin, dyes and hard chemicals.

The biggest advantage is that the skin and surfaces do not come into contact with harmful ingredients. In addition, natural care products fit the skin better.

In addition to a pleasant scent experience, LVNG also strives for the best cleaning and care results. That is why only the Dish Soap & Hand Cream currently contains RSPO certified palm oil derivatives. The goal is to become a fully responsible and palm oil-free lifestyle brand.

All products are dermatologically tested and vegan
The entire LVNG range has been dermatologically tested. The ingredients of each product have been extensively tested under the guidance of skin specialists/skin care experts. LVNG works exclusively with high-quality and effective ingredients. The products are suitable for sensitive skin. As with any new product, it is always advisable to first apply a small amount to a small area of ​​the skin. This is the only way to be 100% sure that the ingredients do not cause an allergic reaction (skin irritation).

Products sold in the Netherlands must be cruelty-free. LVNG likes to take this one step further. All LVNG products are vegan. This means that no testing is done on animals, but also that the formulas do not contain animal ingredients.

Bio-based and 100% recyclable packaging
LVNG looked for sustainable packaging material that protects the products and maintains quality. The production of traditional plastic from petroleum requires a lot of energy and creates greenhouse gases. LVNG Personal & Home Care comes in bottles of bio-based plastic. Made from sugar cane as a sustainable alternative to regular plastic.

Bio HPDE is a renewable raw material that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Sugars are used as raw material instead of oil. This ensures CO2 reduction and reduces the carbon footprint.

Moreover, bio-based plastic is a user-friendly material with a long lifespan. Convenient to use because it is light and unbreakable. Resistant to heat, cold, oil and moisture. At the end of its life, bio HDPE is fully recyclable.

Carefully packed
The shipping boxes in which LVNG products are shipped are made of FSC® paper and cardboard. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit organization established to protect forests around the world for future generations. The FSC® quality mark is awarded to products such as wood and paper that come from responsibly managed forests.

Setting a high quality standard that should be the norm
Perform every day and take fragrance to new levels again and again. That's what LVNG does. Always consciously choosing natural ingredients, recyclable raw materials and local production in the Netherlands.

LVNG continues to work on bringing together the best quality and responsibility for the current collection. Naturally, this also applies to the development of new LVNG products and fragrances.

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